Lagrange Mini carrier board

Промежуточный вариант: Mini-ITX несущая плата для десктопов и встраиваемых применений


What is Lagrange Mini Carrier Board?

The Lagrange Mini Carrier Board is a Qseven interface board supporting up to 2 Qseven unit. The Qseven double-unit configuration may be used for building fault-tolerant systems with duplication of the main computer equipment, for building heterogeneous system of different architecture (x86/64, ARM, FPGA), combined systems with different operating systems, for organizing two workstations on one desktop in Mini-ITX format.

Lagrange Mini Carrier board specification

  • Mini-ITX  form factor (170 x 170 мм);

  • Up to 2 QSeven 1.2 or 2.0 units support (x86/64, ARM, FPGA);

  • 3 SATA ports

  • 4 USB 2.0 ports

  • Up to 2 HDMI ports

  • Up to 2 Ethernet (1Gb) ports

  • PCIe up to 4x slot

  • mSATA slot

  • mini PCIe slot

  • integrated programmable STM32 microcontroller

  • managing configuration via DIP-switches

  • input-output via UART, CAN, GPIO and LVDS